We want to implement our principles of viewed natural resources as a shared inheritance across minerals, natural resources and the commons, across the globe. At present, we have 3 ongoing campaigns:

1. The Goenchi Mati Movement, whose goal is to implement fair mining in the state of Goa, India. Follow them on facebook, twitter or instagram

Goenchi Mati Manifesto

Proposal for Change by Goa Foundation (recommended)

2. Our all-India campaign to change the National Mineral Policy, spearheaded by

Goa Foundationmines, minerals & People, Common Cause and the Goenchi Mati Movement, demand from our government a fair and just National Mineral Policy. Natural resources are our shared inheritance. It is our duty to ensure that we protect our inheritance for future generations — the principle of Intergenerational Equity (IE). The current policy is grossly unfair and unconstitutional. Here's key representations:

Goa Foundation (recommended)

mines, minerals & People

Common Cause

Goenchi Mati Movement


Our online petition.

3. Whose Mine Is It Anyway, our global campaign to change three critical standards for government accounting, statistics and disclosure to treat mining as the sale of our shared inheritance. The standards are 
(a) the accounting standards of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board (IPSASB)

(b) IMF's Global Finance Statistics Manual 2014 (GFS)

(c) UN's System of National Accounts (SNA)

Key documents:

Mitigating the Resource Curse

Response to FAQs

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